Save Your Taxes; Zeppieri & Company Professional Corporation provides a broad range of accounting, tax, investment and business consulting services to companies and their owner-managers. We offer a unique approach in that we integrate the financial goals of the company with the financial goals of the shareholders to maximize overall net worth.

Zeppieri & Company Professional Corporation is a public accounting and business advisory firm committed to meeting your business needs through quality services that are professional, personalized and timely. With over 28 years experience through 2 recessions, we offer sound business and financial advice to help you deal with the business and financial world more effectively.

Save Your Taxes; Frank Zeppieri is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner. Frank has 28 years experience in income tax planning and consulting. He has advised hundreds of business owners and wealthy individuals on income tax planning matters and successful investing strategies. He has helped numerous businesses and individuals save taxes, achieve their financial goals and increase their net worth.

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Save Your TaxesBy planning we can reduce your taxes by taking advantage of your family profile and business structure. Some of our more popular strategies for saving taxes are:

  • controlling the timing and receipt of income between years
  • accruing bonuses to family members
  • planning deductions for the year in which they will give maximum benefit
  • income splitting with spouses and children directly or indirectly
  • special tax elections which defer or eliminate tax
  • proper corporate structure using holding companies and sister companies
  • income splitting using discretionary family trusts
  • using tax preferred investment assets
  • Individual Pension Plans and Retirement Compensation Arrangements
  • Private Health Services Plans and Employee Profit Sharing Plans

We take the time to apply the right tax saving strategy to your specific situation.

Client interview
We take the time to properly interview our clients. This is important because we are aware of what deductions apply to you and your immediate and extended family. Many opportunities are missed because time is not taken to obtain a detailed knowledge of the client’s situation. For example many medical deductions can be taken for dependant parents and children.

Latest trends and techniques
We apply current knowledge to your situation. We stay current about the latest trends and techniques to save you taxes. We utilize our experience to apply these techniques to your circumstances and save your hard earned money.

Computerized tax preparation
Tax returns are prepared using the latest computer technology to ensure all deductions have been taken advantage of and to determine optimal deductions and calculations.


Save Your TaxesOnce we have all the facts, we analyze the data to come up with useful practical recommendations in all areas. This approach ensures the right solution to meet your specific financial planning needs in the following areas:

  • investment and portfolio planning
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning
  • insurance planning
  • education planning

We have developed and implemented hundreds of successful financial planning strategies based on the above approach.
You can be assured that once implemented, you will have confidence that you are moving towards your financial goals.

We ensure that your personal financial planning strategies are integrated with your corporation tax and financial strategies to achieve the highest after tax returns and maximize your corporate and personal net worth.
Our clients enjoy peace of mind that they are building their networth for retirement in a tax effective manner. After all, they work hard for their money and deserve to keep as much as possible.


Users of financial reports
Save Your TaxesFinancial reporting to users of financial statements is extremely important for your business. Typical users are banks and other creditors, taxation authorities, and management. Reporting to these users requires superior knowledge of current accounting principles and the ability to apply them to our clients’ advantage.

Reporting for income tax, GST, PST, WSIB and EHT
Reporting to taxation authorities and other regulatory agencies requires superior knowledge of how best to present the information. Too much detailed information could work against you, just as too little information or irrelevant information could provoke further investigation. Our experience has taught us to provide the proper amount of information in the optimal format to reduce the frequency of investigation.

Reporting to bankers and other creditors
We take the time to present information to the client’s advantage while being careful not to mislead creditors. We invest time and resources to stay on the leading edge of the latest developments. We provide the right form of reporting depending on the needs, objectives and cost of the reporting. Consideration must be given to the confidentiality of information provided. It is imperative to disclose only information that is necessary for creditors and bankers to make their decisions. We try to provide a cost effective solution that will satisfy the client and meet the requirements of creditors. An audit, review or notice to reader where appropriate and cost effective.

Reporting to management
Management reporting is important as it serves as a basis for management decision making. We provide guidance as to what level of information to disclose inside the company to protect sensitive information. We also provide advice on the format for internal reporting so it is useful for management decision making. We can assist in tailoring computerized accounting software to meet the needs of management reporting.


Frank Zeppieri BBA CA CFP interviewed in Financial Post

Neil Gross, a lawyer at Carson Gross Christie Knudsen in Toronto, knows all about investments gone awry. That’s because Mr. Gross represents clients who sue their brokers for bad advice.

The most common complaint he hears is “suitability” and concerns the investment an advisor buys for a client does not meet their objectives or investment plan. “The investor doesn’t always know until too late that the investment was too

Save Your Taxes

Frank Zeppieri BBA CA CFP interviewed in

Twenty-nine per cent of Canadians say they will contribute more money to their
Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) this year than they did last year, according to a survey by Winnipeg-based Investors Group. A further 44 per cent expect to contribute the same amount as they did in 2002, while only 17 per cent expect to invest less.

“The level of enthusiasm for RRSP investment has increased from last year” and those who are “pessimistic” are in retreat, says Debbie Ammeter, vice president of advanced financial planning …

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Frank Zeppieri

Frank Zeppieri BBA CA CFP

We want to make sure we maximize your refund and get you every tax credit and deduction you’re entitled to. So before you visit us, use our handy checklist to make sure you have all the receipts and income records your tax professional will need to help minimize your taxes.